To blog or not to blog…..

    So here I am on a Sunday morning, one of my few that I have off thanks to Chanukah and I’m sitting here in from of my laptop with my fresh pita, cut veggies, eggs and the leftover “fresh” chumas which we bought for Shabbos. I should mention the chumus is what started this whole breakfast production (including two trips to the markolet since they didn’t have fresh pita at 8:00 AM) as the light bulb went off in my head that I should finish it (the cumus) off sooner than later. So here I am and enjoying my spontaneity almost as much as I’m enjoying my chumus. ……..yeah pretty riveting stuff I’m writing here and I don’t blame you if you have to suppress a yawn or two or have already contemplated moving on to the next blog or even have you phone out and looking at the latest cat/dog video that someone sent you. 

     Anyways. for those who are still reading this (Thank you by the way) why am I blogging ? What bit of information do I have that is so vital to share to the world? Well, not all that much…. but in short, it is something that words don’t always do justice to, point blank  I have Israel on my mind. To be fair I always have Israel (or ארץ ישראל as I like to put it) on my mind. Its just some times it’s more apparent than others. Ever since my trip to visit my eldest son during his gap year learning, I reawakened a thirst that I had surprised for so many years. Since then I don’t think a day has gone by that I don’t think about Israel, being in Israel and my desire to live there. Usually it is in my prayers with images of places I have been flashing in triggered by the words of teffilah. Today it was the thought of that little bit of chumas and how well it would go with fresh pita like I had the last time I was there. How I didn’t intend to buy it then, on my way back from shacharis, but saw the fresh bags lined up by the markolet and decided to give it a little squeeze. Also my frustration that here in the US, that finding fresh pita at 8:00 am is not a normal thing or is having a corner markolet near by which is really one of very few and I’m so lucky to have this here. 

  So, here is the start of something new. Maybe I will have to time to keep writing more. I can talk about how things have moved to better things. My second son is now in his 3rd year learning and I won’t be visiting him this winter thanks to Carona and well, we need to save money for our up and coming Aliyah as a family. I still feel tingles saying this. But over the summer my wife said that she was ready for the move. So much to do in the meantime, and I haven’t even told most people yet. However, I think this is why I need to blog. There is and will be a lot of  information to download and for whom ever decides to read this I look forward to your input. 

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