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Whether you are just thinking about making Aliyah or if you’ve been living in Israel for years — or anything in between — the Aliyah Network website is the place to make things happen.

As the saying goes, “If you will it, it is no dream.”

Quite literally, this is the place to make your dreams come true. Please read through the following page to learn and get ideas about how to connect, collaborate, and make Israel a better place – together.

Here are some of the many exciting things you can do here to assist you on your path to Aliyah:

News Feed

Find your tribe and socialize

Here is your place to connect with other Olim on any terms you want. Whether you are a foodie looking for other foodies, or a sports fan or a Torah scholar, you can find your tribe by either starting a group or by simply posting a status and asking if anyone here is interested in such-and-such.

Get practical information and advice

Just like with other social networks, you can post a status on your Aliyah Network news feed. Here is the place to speak with the Aliyah Network community informally. Ask questions and get advice about where to go and who to speak to. No one is judging, so just be yourself.


Through groups, you can bring a community to Israel, connect with communities in Israel, connect with other Olim with similar interests, organize an event…the sky is the limit.

Bring your community to Israel with you

Have friends, or a whole community, who might be interested in making Aliyah, too? Start a group on the website and invite everyone to collaborate and help one another in the Aliyah process.

Connect with communities in Israel

Check out whether your favorite area in Israel has a group. If not, start one and invite people associated with that area to get involved. Since this site is new, many communities still don’t have groups – you have the opportunity to lay the groundwork for yours, now. You can be a pioneer!

The Karmiel community has a group, does yours?

The Falafel Blog

See what the Aliyah mavens are blogging about

Have a taste of the best blog on the planet for Olim, The Falafel — it’s the story of you. Keep posted on new events, news, and ideas that are taking root right here.

Amplify your voice with a blog post of your own

If you have something to say that can help Olim and/or potential Olim make their dreams come true in Israel, don’t hold back. Write it up in the form of a blog post that will go on our exclusive publication “The Falafel” so you, and others, can share it anywhere.

Connect with our top members

Check out our list of top members who are all available to connect with, such as Sarah Eiferman for real estate advice, and Marci Eskenazi for navigating the educational system.

Don’t be afraid. We are all here to help one another.

Go for it!

If there’s one thing people learn from making Aliyah it’s that life is what we make of it. Right now you have the power to do things that are both personally and historically significant. And you can get started right here.

If you have any questions about how to use the site, please reach out to


Please don’t Spam

If you have a product or service that can help Olim, we’re happy to have you contribute value to the community but please be courteous and don’t Spam.

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