Man Is Behind The Mask -The beginning of a movement

We had just landed in Paris for our connecting flight back to Eretz Yisrael, after two wonderful weeks in Seattle visiting my family over Chanukah,  when I unexpectedly get a call from Michael  Pomerantz. 

“David, would you kindly join our board meeting this motzei Shabbat to discuss some issues that are related to our Shul?” In truth, I didn’t expect to be asked to help the Shul raise funds to help along our financially burdened community. 

That was the beginning of Kochav Yisrael.  

The idea was simple. If we opened our hearts, our homes and our minds together, we could help countless potential Olim. I saw the need first hand in Seattle. Maybe a donor would consider helping our community if he knew that we might assist even one family make Aliyah from his?  Maybe we could create a global network,  connecting Jews from around the world in a searchable platform to create a net that could catch a potential surge of Olim?  And who knows when our great future will fall upon us? Why not build that network now, while we are able? 

To my surprise,  something happened.  After reviewing the idea over a phone call, a beautifully articulated article was written and sent to our Shul group written by Michael Pomerantz. I was surprised that someone cared enough to actually do something. And from that, there was a natural feeling of responsibility to continue to ponder what might be an outcome of such an initiative. 

Our Kochav Yisrael kickoff Tu B’shvat party was set up beautifully.  I was expecting maybe fifty people or more.  That night the moon glowed Techelet. The evening was nothing less than magical!

Six or seven people showed up. It was at that moment I knew, my thoughts didn’t match reality.  If the people of the community that I was trying to help didn’t see the point, why continue? 

Then the plague swept across the world. 

Today we are among one of the many groups that have recently formed to help Olim. Jews in in the diaspora are now considering Aliyah from America and elsewhere.  

Klal Yisrael’s great future is upon us and still I wonder how things might play out.

There have been numerous setbacks and I’ve questioned my own resolve to continue Kochav Yisrael, but my sweet boy, Jacob recently wrote me a letter and left it for me to find.  “DO IT PLEASE!” Don’t give up! Go solo. You’ll never feel like you’ve accomplished what you wanted to do.” 

If Hashem wills it and we are even able to continue,  I’m now doing it for Jacob. 

We will achieve Achdut, because if we do not, the path of Klala is not one I wish to walk my boy on.

So please try to envision what is actually possible.  Hashem, The King is ushering in a new era. All of mankind, Klal Yisrael included, is being rebuked by The Almighty.  Even our shuls have been shut down!

But has anything really changed? Or are we continuing where we left off? If now is not the time for each and every one of us to stand up and bring about a new outlook and turn from our errors and seek God, when could it possibly be?

Klal Yisrael can be a shining beacon in the sight of all the nations…right now. Blink again and you’ll miss it and so will I and so will Jacob.

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