Lech Lecha in the Modern Age

Keith and Sarah made their way to observant Judaism a little over 20 years ago as young single adults.

They were both raised in mostly secular environments with Keith being raised in a Conservative synagogue and Sarah converting to Judaism after a few years of dating Keith.  Both were born and raised in Queens, New York.  They lived in Bayside, NY for a number of years and began their life there as a family with 4 young children.  With the mounting financial pressures related to keeping their children in Yeshiva, they began searching for out-of-town communities to move to with affordable Torah education.  Ultimately, they moved to Richmond, VA leaving the comforts of New York behind, plus many friends and family.  Life in Richmond for them has helped them, and especially their children, to thrive spiritually.  They have had the opportunity to continue to grow as committed Jews in an inspirational and diverse Jewish community.

With growing signs of Moshiach on the horizon, combined with the increasing political instability in America, Keith and Sarah are now exploring yet another move.  This time to their ancestral homeland. 

We hope to become part of history and rebuild the Jewish homeland very soon, bz”H.

We welcome feedback and help on taking the next steps forward.

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