Jerusalem Real Estate – Talbiyeh/ Talbiya neighborhood

Today’s spotlight neighborhood – Talbiyeh/ Talbiya!

Every week or so, I will present you with information on a different area of Jerusalem. I would like to maximize your options and familiarize you with Jerusalem neighborhoods to find your best fit here in Israel. Know the city like the back of your hand and feel comfortable when you arrive.

Talbiyeh/ Talbiya –

located near the central part of the city.

Talbiyeh is one of the quietest neighborhoods in Jerusalem, located within walking distance to the Kotel (Western Wall), city center/down town area, Mahane Yehuda market, hotels and more.

In Talbiyeh you will find important cultural institutions such as the Jerusalem theater, the Great Synagogue, public parks shopping and more.

The population is mixed and open for all, running through the gamut of religious to secular, with a large English-speaking community!

Talbiyeh offers access to social activities, lectures and learning.

Encompassing synagogues (Ashkenazi and Sephardi style), educational institutions, youth and adult activities and excellent public transport with gyms at the highest level.

You will also find cafes, restaurants and lots of places for leisure and entertainment. Downtown you have stores of every kind, and easy transportation with the quiet light rail, busses and taxis.

Talbiyeh is up-scale and is a sought after neighborhood!

It offers you everything at your fingertips. Talbiyeh properties have a superb re-sale value and are an excellent investment.

If you have any questions about Talbiyeh neighborhood or any other question about Jerusalem real estate, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to assist you.

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