Introducing myself

Let me introduce myself

I am Naomi Pelled. 39 year old mother to a beautiful 8 year old daughter and 4 year old identical twin sons. I made Aliyah 15 August 2011, and got married 18 September 2011 to my Israeli husband.

I love music, to dance, watching rom coms with my hubby, going into nature, travelling the world (when there’s no corona) and seeing my friends. I also did my first 5km last November and working towards 10km.

When my boys were 12 days old I ended up in the ICU and suffered a pulmonary embolism. I also suffered from PPD and went a little fanatical with my obsession to be able to breastfeed my children. I would travel the country to get milk donations until I had enough of my own to nourish my babies.

The PE didn’t happened because I was grossly overweight, but it was the kick I needed to start working on myself from the inside out.

I worked on my mindset through personal development, using the 3 principles technique, listening to masters in personal development’s podcasts and reading.

I then started working on moving my body. I wasn’t consistent but it made me feel great so although not a daily activity I would do it a couple of days a week.

In 2018 I changed my eating habits, and implemented a few principles; to drink more water, eat more veggies, track my eating, drinking, exercise & mood, and weigh myself on a daily basis to understand my body more.

In November 2018, I added in another level, and from then onwards I started to see my body drastically change and give me the energy and vibrancy that my body so craved.

Today, I workout out, go walking or jogging, eat healthy, drink gallons of water, show up better for my kids and am a far happier person. Oh, and I’m 73.5kg (162lbs) lighter than I was 4 years ago.

I haven’t looked back. We only have one life, no dress rehearsal and I love where I am right now, and where I am headed.

Aliyah is an adjustment, but every stage in life is. Take of it what you will, and enjoy the ride.

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