Can Israel Handle a Tidal Wave of New Olim?

Written March 8th, 2020

As the infection and mortality rates continue to rise, and now with the 10th confirmed case here in Israel, the Corona Virus has really shaken things up as of late. It seems a question of when, not if, this turns into a widespread global pandemic. Markets are plummeting, communities are worried and individuals are wondering what’s next?

Another thought is just how upside-down the world generally seems to have become in recent years. Could anyone imagine what today would look like ten years ago…five years ago even? Perhaps some saw the writing on the wall and understood the trends of rising antisemitism, global economic uncertainty and political/geopolitical instability amidst a host of other social deviations from what used to be the norm.

Clearly no one knows precisely what the future holds, but considering how things might play out, and keeping in mind what we already do know from our Prophets, how prepared or capable is Israel to absorb and integrate tens of thousands of Jews or potentially a lot, lot more? How would that even look? Anyone who claims to have all the answers is either over-confident or downright mistaken. There are just too many factors for the human mind to attempt an accurate calculation at this time. Our intellectual limitations notwithstanding, there is a sense that things could get tough, really tough, before they get easier.

This general awareness leaves the average person feeling somewhat helpless as to what they can do to better our great and promising future.

One thing that is for sure, we must move away from unnecessary divisiveness that is so prevalent today on the various social media sites and begin to adopt an attitude of accomplishing real goals that will positively impact Israeli communities and the lives of real people.

Kochav Yisrael (Star of Israel) is taking a ‘doable’ and definite first step of creating a global network that will unite individual Jews living in Israel with Jews living anywhere around the world. We will enable people to quickly and easily connect to hundreds or thousands of people from communities all around Israel and offer our support and guidance to prospective Olim.

Everyone’s impact will be transparent…you will be able to make a difference and perhaps now it’s time for Israel’s star to shine!

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