And what did you accomplish today?

I made aliyah July 2019 with my husband, Moshe. We do not have a car (yet) but today I got my Israeli driver’s license! So I’ll share the experience with you.

#1. Be prepared! Cannot stress this enough.

If you have expired licenses, copy them and bring them. Go online and get your proof of license, 5 years is required.

My husband’s experience was very different than mine. He did his during Chanukah at the same office I went to today. He went to the eye place on Ben Yehuda and got the necessary paperwork with no payment or eye exam. I paid 50 nis and required an eye exam, at the same place.

We made my appointment via!/home/signin/

my appointment was for 10:20 this morning, but by 10:45 we were feeling that too many people coming in after us were being helped before us, so we asked and were taken immediately. There was a clear language barrier, but with their broken English and our broken Ivrit we did manage to communicate somewhat. They weren’t happy with our 10-year driving history from Pennsylvania and they asked for proof of 5 years. It was a bit of a challenge and it may seem hard to imagine, but yelling ensued and we were told to go to the manager. The manager’s English was a little better and she was able to see that my original issue date of 1986 while certainly more than 5 years does indeed fulfill the requirement. This leads me to…

#2. NEVER take no for an answer

After getting the paperwork from the misrad hashui (DMV) we went around the corner to the post office to pay for the license which for me was 187nis but my husband’s was 475nis just 6 months ago.

Persistence and patience will go a long way!

Hope this helps even just a little

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