About Us

Shine Like a Star

Originally the name of this initiative was called Kochav Yisrael (Star of Israel).  The founder of the Aliyah Network, David Eskenazi, had a goal to reach as many people as he could from within his own community in Maale Adumim, Israel.  He wanted to give each individual the ability to ‘shine’ like a star.  He envisioned a community where positive impact towards the great goal of Aliyah would be possible.  With the help and support of his wife and co-founder, Marci Eskenazi, the group has grown into what it is today. 

“The idea was simple. If we opened our hearts, our homes and our minds together, we could help countless potential olim”.  David saw the need first-hand in Seattle during his family trip there over Hanukkah. It was then that he hoped to create a global network, connecting Jews from around the world to establish a net that could catch a potential surge of Olim.  “Who knows when our great future will fall upon us? Why not build that network now, while we are able?”


Heart of Jewish Destiny

The Jewish people living in the land of Israel will always be at the heart of our Jewish destiny.  Many Jews from around the world dream, hope and await a great future as foreseen by our prophets.  We know with confidence that someday the ingathering of Jews from the 4 corners of the globe will be in our past, ushering in a new era of knowledge and peace. Approximately 7 million Jews currently live in the United States alone.  Our aim is to create a network that will give each and every Jew the opportunity to live in Israel. 


The Time Is Now

We knew that it would take tremendous logistical coordination for such a future to transpire and that many organizations and groups found on social media would have to come together in some way.  We also knew that many Jews, already living in Israel, would gladly help in any way they could. 

So, with that in mind, our mission is to connect individuals, groups, organizations and Aliyah related services into one organized and searchable network.  

We believe that the time is now to do this work and with love and togetherness we will merit God’s help in bringing our family home.  

Therefore we kindly ask to refrain from posting things that detract from this lofty goal, such as politics and unrelated news items.


Spread the word :)